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Sound Art 


1 minute taster from the 6 minute track

Using her skin as an instrument, Ruth explored the body through sound with her first sound artwork, Sounds of My Skin, produced on 30 x limited edition vinyls in 2017. The work bridges sound art with a piece of music made from fifteen raw sounds of Ruth Fox's skin being stroked, hit, flicked, touched, and then collectively manipulated and reconstructed by psychedelic rock musician and composer. Steven Young. It seeks to reflect the awkward disconnection between mind and body, before very near the end, becoming ever so slightly more harmonious - honouring a quest for reconnection with the physical self. The track first played at Ruth's solo exhibition, A Most Awkward Divide with the cover artwork taken from one of her textile canvas works.

The art work also was also exhibited as part of DEPTFORD X Art Festival (Fringe) at Sister Midnight Records, who now stock the vinyl. For available copies, please contact Ruth via the contact page.


Ruth is now working on her second piece of music, A Symphony of Salt with two new composers and musicians and whom founded the alternative rock band, Scanners. The artwork features sounds of her tears and sounds of waves from Margate's shores, in a work that binds water - the body's release of pain and the Natural World's biggest body of water - the ocean.