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Naked Pieces of You Clinic


Naked Pieces of You Clinic (NPYC) is the art studio of Ruth Fox, in Cliftonville, Margate, in which she paints or draws figurative and abstract portraits of both women and men.  It is modelled on the idea of a clinic, replacing the role of doctor and patient with that of artist and muse. 

NPYC is also a constantly evolving artwork, in and of itself, offering a space for the body to perform as a subject - both individually and collectively - as the artwork's narrative evolves. It initially started as a diversity campaign (see 'Background' below)


Ruth perceives that we rely heavily, if not wholly, on mirrors and photographs to see and make sense of our physical identity. Both the mirror and the reflective image are intangible replications or simulations of our actual physical bodies and selves - “second-hand experiences of the body”. Here, both mirror and reflected image often result in cradling or hurting the ego.


Instead, Ruth perceives a more accurate way of seeing the body, which is to look at its physicality right in front of our eyes, a “first-hand primal viewing the body” - something we rarely do. This very primal manner of looking at and experiencing the body, arms, legs, hands and toes in this often foreshortened way reveals our physical selves as fragments of a whole, made up of lines, shapes, planes and contours, and this is how Ruth sees the body of a life model as she paints or draws them. She also suggests that this way of viewing the body is far more beneficial to the mind's eye.


Commissions are either paintings on canvas or drawings on paper

Ruth paints portraits from her studio in Margate, Kent, as well as painting or drawing clients in their own homes. 

Please email the studio to book an appointment and request prices.


Ruth Fox: "So far, the NPYC project has shown that creating a portrait of a person's naked physical form can help to reframe how a person perceives their body, offering a reparative state of mind. They start to experience their body as they look at it and as I draw it. Looking at the body with the sole aim of recreating it in abstract or figurative form, means I perceive the body in its most basic physical form - in composition, tone, line, shape and contour. During this time, there is no room for opinion or judgement - the mind understands through this way of seeing that the body is as the body is. Yet the body is usually at the service of the mind." 


NYPC started as a live art project in April 2019 in Mayfair, London, with men and women drawn and painted by Ruth in the window of 4 Mason's Yard behind White Cube at Ruth's solo show 'How You See Me, How You Don't.' The core aim of NPYC is to release the predominantly Western cultural beliefs and idealisms we hold about body image which we believe to be true - located in magazines, in advertising (both online and in public spaces) and cultural constructs we've grown up with.

This project follows a TEDx talk Ruth was asked to give last November called ‘How to Rebel Against Body Image Idealism’ at Royal Holloway University.  The talk features a wrinkle on the artist's face projected on a screen at 12 feet high. 

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