Naked Pieces of You - Commissions

"There's no other body like yours out there.... how amazing is that?"

'Naked Pieces of You' started as a body activism project in 2019 (see 'Other Projects') and now continues in Ruth's studio, where she is commissioned by clients and collectors of her work to recreate their own unique 'primal view' portrait (what you see when you look down at your body beneath your chin) using primal view photographs sent to her, or sometimes from life in her Margate studio.

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Commission a Primal View portrait

Commissions of a primal view portrait can feature your entire body, a specific section of it, or a magnified fragment of it, which in a portrait, becomes very abstract and becomes a hybrid of body and landscape. This primal way of seeing the body has been largely disregarded by us for thousands of years - so accustomed are we to mirrors and photographs, which often harm or stroke the ego based on our cultural systems and beliefs around the image of the body. The experience of looking at one's body has shown to instigate a reconnection with our body as a home and space we inhabit. 

The portraits become a reminder that if the mind dedicated time to experience seeing and being inside the physical body, rather than simulations of it, or "counterfeits of the real" (as French philosopher, Jean Baudrillard might have called mirrors or photographs), we may start to feel more connected to the body, thereby seeing it as a personal space we inhabit, rather than a mere signifier of image.

Commissions are created as textile and mixed media works, paintings on canvas or drawings on paper. 


You can see examples of primal view portraits in the Gallery 





Textile-base mixed media works consist of paint, oil pastel and embroidery thread on a fabric of your choice (eg. denim, suede, jersey, a patterned print fabric) stretched across a canvas, in any size. Portraits start at £1500.

Drawings with pencil, paint and/or oil pastel on 300gsm paper start at £500. 

Ready For A Commission?

Please email Ruth for primal view portraits or with any questions you may have.

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