"I am fascinated by how we see and experience the body through the largely neglected Primal View, (what we see of our bodies when we look down at it, instead of a reflected image).  More recently, my work seeks to visualise the body as the unconscious mind, in line with quantum science and neuroscience's remarkable new relationship with spirituality. The body, both familiar and foreign to us, can be a vital portal to reconnecting us with a lost sense of self, both individually and collectively.  My own mind-body connection is something I often explore, through a combination of neuroplasticity and meditation.

"My work centres around the questions, who can we become?  And what could our futures look like?  Current conversations and discourses are emanating an awareness that our current systems - be they educational, environmental, medical, economical or political - and beliefs about the importance of such things as image, status, wealth or acquisition of things - are no longer working for us.  After taking a neuroplasticity course during the first UK lockdown and reading a lot of studies about how the body stores past experiences and emotions - acquired in part, through these systems and beliefs - my work considers the body, rather than being at the service of the mind as my work first studied, as the master of the mind.  Therefore,  perhaps the body is the first place we must look if we are to release old systems, beliefs and emotions, that no longer serve us, before we can update ourselves and our societies with new, happier and healthier ones.  

Ruth Fox


Ruth is a multi-disciplinary artist interested in visually documenting how we see our own bodies, and the experiences of having and being inside a body.  Drawing on her research in to how the body stores and releases emotions, neuroplasticity and the emerging quantum model of reality in relation to spirituality, she delves in to the relationship between mind and body, comprehending it as fundamental to our understanding of who we are. She will also regularly put her own body in the petri dish to explore all of these things.


Ruth works largely on canvas or paper (often with textiles and/or paint), as well as creating sound art and occasional installation-based works.  Her Primal View works of the body, a rare viewpoint in figurative art and largely disregarded by the human mind in favour of mirrors and photographs, are a large focus of her work. She also creates large abstract paintings which aim entirely to translate the abstract nature of human emotion within our internal environments. 

Ruth studied Art at Central Saint Martins and English & Cultural Studies at Exeter University. She has exhibited extensively in the UK, through both solo and group shows and taken part in UK-based art fairs, art festivals and artist residencies. In 2020 she had her work projected on to Antony Gormley's Angel of The North as part of Ian Berry's project, Clap for the NHS. In November 2018, she was invited to give a TEDx talk at Royal Holloway University, which was published on the TEDx YouTube channel: 'How to Rebel Against Body Image Idealism.'  Ruth grew up in Hertfordshire, UK before moving to London for 15 years, where she started her artist practice professionally, in 2017.


She now lives in Margate, Kent and works from her studio at home.  

2020 - 21
Forging the Self, 4-artist exhibition about the body, The Koppel Project, Soho, London, 10th December 2020 - 17th April  2021
A Symphony of Salt, second sound artwork made with Sarah Daly & Matthew Mole (Scanners) release - on vinyl and Soundcloud, 5th November 2020
Shirt Notice, fundraiser for People Dem Collective's Cultural Centre in Margate, Sept, 2020
Clap for the NHS Project, projected on to Angel of the North by Antony Gormley and other buildings all around the UK, curated by Ian Berry - Apr/May, 2020